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Healthy eating is the intelligent choice, and a lifestyle decision that can affect your quality of life substantially.  


Over the past 30 years, at least a 100 studies has been published in medical literature documenting the cost-effective benefits of long term constructive lifestyle changes to sustain health and longevity. A staggering 50% of South Africans are overweight or obese and up to 1 in 3 will suffer heart disease or cancer. Given this and the high rates of HIV infection, almost all South Africans could benefit from health interventions.


At inteliHEALTH, our Registered Dieticians assist our clients in embracing the choice to live well, by partnering with them and giving them the tools and the knowledge to change their diet for the better!  From one-on-one consultation, group presentations and corporate wellness days, inteliHEALTH will ensure that every dietary decision you make, will be an informed one.  


Reach your ultimate potential and experience optimum health and wellbeing!

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