Being a diabetic, I grew up having been taught that three meals a day were essential and additionally, that each meal needed to include the different food groups. Diet, exercise and insulin are considered to be the three things that a diabetic needs to balance in order to achieve good control. Over the years, research changed what were considered to be healthy eating habits. After trying numerous dieticians to help me to find that balance between diet, exercise and insulin, I found the advice, motivation and support from Danny. Rather than pushing a set eating plan, Danny focused on what I as an individual needed. We set mini goals, which I managed to achieve over time with the support from Danny. As each goal was met, the eating plan was adjusted to what I needed at the time and with a few trial and errors, but with huge overall success, I have lost 29kg; all with the support and motivation from Danny. With this, my confidence has grown, my daily insulin dose has decreased drastically and my eating habits are healthier. I’m fitter, healthier and slimmer than I’ve been in a long time. The eating plans were never a “diet” but rather a healthy, sustainable way of eating. I owe a huge thank you to Danny for all the help, research, motivation, time and effort that she has put in to helping me to reach my goal weight. I could not achieved what I have without her help and motivation. Thank you!