Dear Carly,

In April 2017 I bravely walked into your offices to face my truth, a truth I didn’t want to or know how to face.
Your warm and kind smile immediately spoke to my soul, to say, it’s okay. I’m here to help you. As did the actual words that came out of your mouth.
You sat and spoke to me as though we knew each other for years.
Your explanation and analysis of the human body’s workings and ways were enlightening. Your direction on my daily lifestyle eating and exercising habits kick started a journey of a lifetime for me, then a 28 year old woman who is 1.5metres in height, weighed 79.4kgs, I cannot recall my circumferential measurements at that time and had a body fat percentage of +- 40.
Your counsel was for me to begin slow and take small steps, integrate / substitute foods that I ate daily for healthier choices. You shared your knowledge of food groups and recommended hot water upon waking, breakfast by 7, no later than 9, snack 1 at 10/11, lunch at 1, snack 2 at 3 or 4 and my last meal, supper no later than 6pm, you then went into detail about portion sizes of all these meals including an even intake of the necessary food groups in order to sustain energy, my body function, activate weight loss and create an overall healthy inside which would then in turn create my outside. When I left your offices with my shopping list, meal plan for the week, I left feeling already much lighter. We consulted every two weeks, I recall I lost 2.7kgs in the first two weeks just by changing small daily habits and getting in a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio in a day.
It was always so fulfilling walking out of my bi monthly sessions after being measured and weighed, not only because of my progress but because of your kindness and understanding as a human being.
You consistent behavior and mannerism in our sessions showed me when humans empower each other, we can achieve anything. You picked me up when I felt I was making no progress and then encouraged me by reminding me of how far I’ve come and I need to keep looking forward.

As a woman, you truly impacted my life in the most remarkable way a humans life can be impacted. You are a shining soul Carly – May you always walk the path of an empath and healer. God bless

January 2018 to Current

I consulted with Carly for 8 months and felt I was ready to take control of my body and started monitoring my own progress from home the same manner Carly did.
I started weighing daily, meal prepping consistently, measuring and adding additional routines to my life, this now became an inward journey, a journey to my True Self.
I have been a vegetarian from June 2018 and now a vegan from Jan 2019. My choice was simply to clear my body of anything that makes me feel heavy, and I mean heavy as in weight and emotions that harbor heavy feelings within.

I am now a 30 year old woman who is 1.5 meters in height and 42.6kgs in weight. I practice meditation and yoga daily, I prefer to take a moment of my life to think before I action and breathe with purpose and intention, most importantly I believe in myself.

Carly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.