Carly Seager

Carly obtained her BSc Dietetics Degree (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University where she received numerous academic achievements including a Rector’s Award, Golden Key Society and Full Academic Honours. She completed her Community Service year in Leratong Hospital and gained a wealth of experience in clinical dietetics. Carly has a passion for holistic health and strives to help individuals and families reach their optimal wellness potentials.  Carly has established keen interests in adolescent health and nutrition, sports nutrition, emotional eating and weight management as well as gastrointestinal and inflammatory disorders. She firmly believes in practically helping her patients make enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle changes thus is an avid healthy recipe creator and foodie. Carly also loves yoga and running. She is an accredited DNAlysis Nutrigenomic and Discovery Vitality dietitian and is registered with ADSA, HPCSA and BHF.